Two Jeep Tents To Consider For Your Next Camping Trip

If you have a Jeep and also enjoy camping, then you likely take your four wheel drive vehicle with you on your camping trips. Not only can your Jeep drive in rugged areas where a regular sedan cannot go, but your Jeep can actually be fitted with accessories to ensure that your camping trip is a well-prepared and comfortable one. If you do not have any Jeep accessories, then think about some of the following options for Jeep tents and follow the tips on choosing the one you need.

Jeep Gate Tent

If you typically take your Jeep camping with you, then you probably also bring along a tent to set up when you find the perfect camping spot. Tents often do not have the structure to remain upright during an intense wind storm. Also, the pegs used to secure the tent cannot grip into mud or sand. This may make it difficult to find a good area to place a tent if the ground is soft.

If you have a Jeep, you can use the vehicle as the base support for the tent if you purchase a Jeep gate tent. Most varieties allow you to secure a vehicle sleeve over the back gate of the Jeep while it is open.

Setting Up The Tent

The sleeve and back part of the tent are secured to the jeep with straps that either clip onto the roof rack or run across the roof and clip to the hood. The bottom straps connect to the wheel wells, and the internal straps attach to the tailgate latches. These straps provide support and keep the sleeve dry in case of rain.

Once the straps are in place, you can secure the poles of the tent. If you anticipate a wind storm or soft ground, then think about purchasing delta ground anchors that are shaped much like the number 7. These metal or plastic types of pegs can secure a tent in soggy and soft ground better than regular pegs, and they are likely to keep your tent in place along with the support of your Jeep.

Gate tents can allow you to use the gate area as a storage or sleeping space. If the gate will hold your coolers, suitcases, and other gear, then make sure that the tent is a bigger variety. For example, if a tent is purchased that fits 5 to 7 people, then the jeep gate area will be counted as a sleeping space for either one or two people. This means that you should probably buy a tent that fits 7 to 9 people if 7 people are camping.

Jeep Top Tent

If you want a large tent with several different sleeping areas, then you should consider a Jeep top tent. This is also ideal if you want a high and safe space away from animals like bears, mountain lions, and coyotes that may search for food at night. Jeep top tents come in both soft and hard varieties, and you also have the option of picking a large A-frame tent that extends to the ground. Ladders are available with these tents, so pick out a solid or a rope variety depending on which type you are most comfortable with.

Setting Up The Tent

If you choose a Jeep top tent, you will need a roof rack to secure the tent. If you do not have a rack, you can have an aftermarket one placed on your vehicle through your local Jeep retailer. This rack is essential to connect and support the tent. Bolts and fitting mounts called extrusions will need to be secured to keep the Jeep tent in place.

Also, bolts will need to be attached to the mattress that sits inside the tent. This helps to prevent safety concerns over mattresses that slip off the top of the vehicle. Straps also may need to be secured to the roof rack or to the roof, hood, or back gate of your Jeep. Also, each roof tent will be rated according to weigh. Make sure to pay attention to this weight limit so you do not risk collapsing the roof of your vehicle. Check out shops like Jeep World for more information.