Wall Of Audio: How To Pick The Right Systems And Accessories For Your Car

Heading into a car audio store or even an audio aisle at a big box store, you will be faced with a wall of car stereos and accessories. Before your eyes glaze over and your imagination gets carried away with the thumping sounds of big bass, you should know that every car is not equipped to take just any stereo system. In fact, most cars are only designed to fit with specific systems and can only manage power demands of said systems. So how do you know which systems and accessories to choose? Here is how.

Consult the Stereo Manual

Just like those moments when you have to buy a new car battery and you are standing there staring at a wall of car batteries, there is a guide manual. Find the guide manuals for the stereo systems and accessories, and then thumb through it until you get to your make, model and year of car. These manuals will list the systems and parts meant for your vehicle, as well as some upgrades. You may even find suggestions on how to convert and upgrade your car's stereo system to the ultimate sound machine, but you do have to get exactly the parts listed and have a professional install them.

Go Through the Manufacturer/Dealership

The manufacturer of your vehicle and/or the dealership that sold you the vehicle will also know what systems, accessories, and parts you can use. If you take the car back to the dealership and ask for upgrades, their garage can make sure that the upgrades do not void your vehicle's warranty and will not be a major drain on your vehicle's power supply. The manufacturer can only give you the exact model numbers of audio systems you can safely use in your vehicle, but that is a good starting point if you do not have anything else to go on.

Read Your Vehicle's Owner's Manual

If you buy your car or truck used, you can get a copy of the owner's manual online. Otherwise, you should get a copy of the manual with the car/truck when you purchase it. In it, there will be a section on audio and stereo sound equipment. It should list parts numbers and acceptable replacements. With this information in hand, you can face that wall of audio and find the stereo system and accessories you really want. Then have a professional install it all. To learn more, contact a company like Cutting Edge Audio.