How To Clean Automotive Window Film

Window film applied to car windows provides a number of benefits, including privacy, a distinctive aesthetic, and reduced UV and heat exposure. However, just like all the surfaces on the exterior of your car, window tint can become dirty over time due to exposure to a variety of different materials. In order to maintain the tint and structural integrity of the film, care needs to be taken when cleaning the interior of your windows.

Before You Begin

Before you get started cleaning your window films, you should make sure that you have gathered all of the materials and tools that you'll be using to ensure that the entire process goes as quickly as possible. You'll need a sponge, a spray bottle, a microfiber, lint-free cloth, and a glass cleaner that is ammonia free (you'll have to check the label). All of these items can be found at most automotive and hardware stores if you don't already own them.

Cleaning Automotive Window Film

First things first, soak the sponge in warm water (free of any soaps or cleaners, which can cause damage to your film) and wipe down the window film. As you are just using water, the goal is to remove water with the surface of the sponge itself.

Avoid using too much pressure, as this can cause damage to the film. Streaks may develop on the surface of the film, depending on how dirty the film actually is, but don't worry about them just yet.

Once you've wiped off most of the dirt on your windows and given them a chance to dry slightly, you can then use the commercial glass cleaner to finish the job. Spray the cleaner onto the microfiber rag directly to avoid excessive exposure to the film, and then wipe down each individual window.

In order to remove and prevent streaks from developing on your windows, you should wipe up and down with the cleaner, and then side to side to polish it. If streaks do develop despite this technique, you may have dirt on your cloth: either use a fresh one, or clean it off and try again.

Once the majority of the cleaner has been removed from your film, you can either let it air dry, or rub it dry using a clean cloth. You may want to also use the glass cleaner on the interior of your windows to get a complete cleaning of your automotive glass.