4 Tips To Follow When Creating A Custom Car Magnet

If you're searching for a simple way to personalize your car's exterior, a car magnet is a simple way to do so. Not only do you have the ability to completely customize the appearance of your new magnet, but you can also quickly remove it when it's time to wash your vehicle or if you're ready for a new look.

You can use a custom car magnet to advertise your business or advocate for a cause. Here are a few tips to follow when designing your magnet to ensure it looks its best.

1. Take Into Account Where You Want to Place the Magnet

When you're ordering your custom magnet, you'll have multiple size options to choose from. Before selecting one, decide where you want to place the magnet. A magnet that you plan to put on your back windshield should generally be larger than one that you want to put on your vehicle's back bumper.

If your magnet has a unique design, check that the size will accommodate any of your car's existing exterior features. For example, if you want to put a magnet on the upper portion of your vehicle's trunk, you might have to consider your car's emblem when picking your preferred size. 

2. Use a High-Resolution Image for Any Graphics

Should you decide to use your own image on the magnet, check that you are uploading a high-resolution file during the customization process. A high-resolution file will help your graphic appear clear and crisp. Using a low-resolution file will result in a graphic that appears blurry or pixelated.

When uploading your images to your preferred magnet vendor, always opt for the largest possible file size. Some websites give you the option of uploading a smaller image in order to hasten the uploading process, but this will sacrifice your image quality. It's best to wait another minute or so for the larger image. 

3. Select Colors That Complement Your Vehicle

Color selection for a car magnet isn't as clear-cut as it seems. You want any text on the magnet to be easy to read, but you also want to see that the colors complement the existing hues on your vehicle. You might prefer to stay in the same color family (cool or warm hues) or go with a neutral color that looks fantastic with everything. 

4. Pay Attention to the Font You Use

If your magnet includes text, stick with a font that is easy to read. Not only will this help you get your point across, but it will also prevent letters from being mistaken for other letters and creating some potentially embarrassing words. You might read a letter as a "t," but a fancy font can cause others to mistake it for an "f."

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