Benefits Of Window Tinting On Your Car Or Truck

Window tinting is standard on cars and trucks coming out of the factory, but the amount of tint on the glass can be minimal. The restrictions and rules related to window tinting are different from state to state, so the manufacturers do not add much, leaving it up to you to add more if you want. There are some excellent reasons to consider added more window tinting to your car that you might not know about.

Protection From UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays have a dramatic effect on the interior fabrics and vinyl used in cars. Over time, a car that sits in the sun every day can begin to suffer from fading colors in the interior, cracking vinyl on the dashboard and rear package tray, and even the seats if made of vinyl or leather. 

The UV rays are intensified as they pass through the glass and raise the temperatures inside the car as well. The glass acts as a magnifier, but if it is treated with window tinting, the effects can be reduced and the interior damage slowed. 

The amount of tinting can significantly increase the protection, but there is a limit to how much tint can be added in most states, so you need to be aware of that when considering how much tint to add to your car's glass. 

Heat Reduction

In areas that the weather is hot most of the year, adding window tinting to your car can reduce the vehicle's temperature, making it more comfortable for the passengers and reducing the work the air conditioning has to do to keep the interior cool. While this may seem like a comfort issue, it can also reduce the stress on the air conditioning compressor and help increase the car's fuel economy. 

The harder the AC has to work, the more wear it sustains, and over the long run, something as simple as some window tinting can reduce that effect and save you money on repairs that may not be necessary. 

Privacy and Security

Window tinting is often used on town cars and limos transporting dignitaries or people that want to have some privacy in their vehicle. These cars will usually have a tint so dark that you can not see through the vehicle's windows, keeping people from identifying who inside. The car can only have that level of tint on the vehicle's rear windows, and in most states, the owner of the vehicle needs to obtain permission to tint the glass so dark that it blocks the view. 

This dark tint is sometimes allowed because it can also increase security for the person in the car, and if the rider is considered someone at risk, it could be the safest way for them to get to the places they need to be. 

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