What To Look For When Purchasing A New Exhaust For Your American Performance Car

Buying a new performance car and making some upgrades can be an excellent way to balance the performance and drivability of the vehicle. One of the first things people do when buying these cars is to replace the exhaust system to help wake up their performance and increase the engine's torque. An exhaust system designed for more power or torque is a great starting point when modding your car, but there are some things you need to look for when buying a new exhaust system.

Exhaust Systems And Increased Power

An American performance car comes from the factory with a capable engine. However, they are choked with restrictions to ensure they are smog compliant and meet emissions standards. Removing the factory exhaust system and replacing it with a different exhaust system made to be more free-flowing can add some horsepower and open up the torque range on the engine relatively easily. 

Adding a small amount of torque to the engine can increase the acceleration when you hit the gas pedal quickly, and for many cars is enough of a change to allow the driver to feel the difference. The torque is often the most impressive increase in these systems, and the horsepower may only change slightly.

Aftermarket Components

Aftermarket exhaust systems may have some options to consider, and the type of mufflers, the size of the exhaust pipes, or the headers used on the car can all significantly affect the car's performance. An exhaust system that uses a larger diameter exhaust pipe and mufflers and catalytic converters that offer lower resistance can help the engine get rid of the exhaust gases quickly so more air and fuel can flow into the cylinders. 

The result is an engine that moves air, fuel, and exhaust more effectively to allow better scavenging and airflow through it. Significant increases in power can result from this simple change, and for many Corvette owners, the car feels better, even though the performance increases are not earth-shattering. 

Aftermarket exhaust system parts can also change the engine's sound, giving it a deeper or throatier sound that better fits a performance car. Choosing the right pieces to work together makes this upgrade worthwhile so if you are unsure what will give you the best increase per dollar, talk with the performance shop or the exhaust manufacturer about what system you should consider for your car. 

The exhaust system for a completely stock car may be different than one designed for a car with a performance tuning chip or some additional engine modifications. 

For more info about systems like Chevy Corvette exhaust systems, contact a local company.