How To Clean Automotive Window Film

Window film applied to car windows provides a number of benefits, including privacy, a distinctive aesthetic, and reduced UV and heat exposure. However, just like all the surfaces on the exterior of your car, window tint can become dirty over time due to exposure to a variety of different materials. In order to maintain the tint and structural integrity of the film, care needs to be taken when cleaning the interior of your windows.

Wall Of Audio: How To Pick The Right Systems And Accessories For Your Car

Heading into a car audio store or even an audio aisle at a big box store, you will be faced with a wall of car stereos and accessories. Before your eyes glaze over and your imagination gets carried away with the thumping sounds of big bass, you should know that every car is not equipped to take just any stereo system. In fact, most cars are only designed to fit with specific systems and can only manage power demands of said systems.

Two Important Questions And Answers Concerning Vehicle Undercoating

If you have recently made the investment of buying a new car, it is important for you to be actively taking steps to protect the car against routinely encountered forms of damage and wear. An undercoat can be an extremely effective treatment for your car, but there is some additional information that you may need prior to deciding whether to undergo this procedure. Are There Any Benefits Of Having An Undercoat Applied To Your Vehicle?

Replacing Your Truck Grille? Three Ways to Customize This Common Auto Part

Most trucks and cars come with a grille installed. No, not the type of grill on which you cook food--this is the protective grille on the front of the vehicle and right under the hood. This part allows more outside air to be exchanged with the heat from the engine, acting as a natural radiator of sorts. You still need the radiator inside the engine, but the grille provides an extra source of cooling power.