Two Important Questions And Answers Concerning Vehicle Undercoating

If you have recently made the investment of buying a new car, it is important for you to be actively taking steps to protect the car against routinely encountered forms of damage and wear. An undercoat can be an extremely effective treatment for your car, but there is some additional information that you may need prior to deciding whether to undergo this procedure. Are There Any Benefits Of Having An Undercoat Applied To Your Vehicle?

Replacing Your Truck Grille? Three Ways to Customize This Common Auto Part

Most trucks and cars come with a grille installed. No, not the type of grill on which you cook food--this is the protective grille on the front of the vehicle and right under the hood. This part allows more outside air to be exchanged with the heat from the engine, acting as a natural radiator of sorts. You still need the radiator inside the engine, but the grille provides an extra source of cooling power.

Troubleshooting A Truck Tarp System With Extension Or Retraction Issues

If you have a large dump truck and want to start hauling loads of asphalt long distances, then you will need to secure a tarp system on the truck to keep the asphalt from cooling off substantially before it is delivered. An electric front to back tarp system that automatically extends the tarp from the front to the back of your truck is the easiest way to make sure that loads are covered.

Is it Safe to Carry a Dog on Your Truck's Flat Bed?

Truck owners often like to take their dogs with them while working, so the sight of an apparently happy pup peering over the edge of a truck flat bed is relatively common. However, although it looks like the dog is having fun, the animal is actually in great danger. Find out why truck beds and dogs don't always mix, and learn about some of the safety steps you can take to protect your loyal pooch.

Two Jeep Tents To Consider For Your Next Camping Trip

If you have a Jeep and also enjoy camping, then you likely take your four wheel drive vehicle with you on your camping trips. Not only can your Jeep drive in rugged areas where a regular sedan cannot go, but your Jeep can actually be fitted with accessories to ensure that your camping trip is a well-prepared and comfortable one. If you do not have any Jeep accessories, then think about some of the following options for Jeep tents and follow the tips on choosing the one you need.